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Ares Multidisciplinary Medical Center

General Health Psychology

Psychology is a branch of health that studies human behavior and mental processes. It deals with people's behavior, relationships and mental well-being.

Useful information

If you feel that something is not working in your life, and that talking to someone you trust doesn't help, you can go to a psychologist, who will listen to you without judging you and accompany you in this process.

At the Ares Medical Center we carry out psychological consultations for both children and adults.

Child and youth therapy: 

Therapeutic service for young people. In the Ares Center you can find a safe space where children and adolescents can work with the aim of improving emotional, behavioral and relational problems in order to increase their well-being. In the therapeutic process apart from the psychologist-patient link, the involvement of the family will also be necessary. We can help you in cases of:

- Difficulties in emotional regulation

- Difficulties in self-esteem

– Behavioral problems

– Bonding problems

- Difficulties in social relations.

Adult therapy:

Psychotherapy space for adults. At the Ares Center you can find a psychological support service, where we will assess the problem and establish the necessary objectives to work together to solve the problem, with the aim of improving the person's well-being and leading a more satisfying life. We can help you in cases of: anxiety, depression, relational problems, stress, impulse control problems, and in overcoming day-to-day problems.

Especialista en psicología tratando a paciente en consulta
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