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Ares Multidisciplinary Medical Center

Arms License

The Arms License is a nominal and non-transferable document, mandatory for the practice of hunting within the territory of Catalonia (Department of Agriculture, 2020).

If you need to obtain or renew your gun or hunting license for the first time, please note that you need to obtain a medical certificate, at a center approved for this purpose.

Useful information

What is the Medical Certificate for Arms License?

The exam to obtain the certificate will consist of the following tests:

  1. Anamnesis
  2. Hearing test.
  3. Ophthalmological examination.
  4. Personality test.
Munición de pistola para permiso de armas
Rifle bajo permiso de armas
Useful information

What types of gun licenses are there?

  • License B: Short weapons for special risk cases.
  • License C: Weapons for security guards and private scouts.
  • License D: Long guns trimmed for big game.
  • License E: Hunting shotguns.
  • License F: Sports shooting.
  • AE License: Historic, antique or artistic firearms.
  • AEM license: Authorization to use weapons for minors.
Ares Multidisciplinary Medical Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding the Weapons Permit.

Frequently Asked Questions

To obtain a type D or E weapons or hunting license for the first time, those interested must pass two training tests, one theoretical and one practical, which will be evaluated by the Civil Guard. In the same way, minors who want to obtain the special authorization of weapons for minors (AEM) must pass the same tests. Each of the tests will result in the qualification of Pass or Fail. To be able to take the practical test, you must have passed the knowledge test.

For the practice of big and small game, for the possession of sporting weapons, weapons for private security and/or compressed air weapons.

It can be presented at any branch of the Civil Guard. It can also be done electronically as long as you have an electronic certificate.

Pistola negra con las balas a su alrededor
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