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Ares Multidisciplinary Medical Center

Private Security

Do you need a private security license to work? Already have your license but need to renew it? At the Ares Medical Center we issue the Medical Certificates required to work in the Private Security sector, either to obtain or renew the TIP (professional identity card).

Useful information

How often do I have to renew my private security license?

Renewals of Private Security licenses must be done every 10 years.

What documents do I need to obtain or renew the medical examination?

Just bring your ID. We take the photo.

Medidas de seguridad en una estación pública
Oficial de policía brindando seguridad
Useful information

Where should I go to process the TIP?

To process the TIP it is necessary to go in person to the corresponding Private Security Units located in the Superior Police Prefectures, Provincial Police Stations and Local Police Stations of the National Police.

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