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Ultrasound HIFU 7D Body

It is a new technology that consists of the application of focused ultrasound of high intensity, becoming the newest and most effective alternative in the fight against flaccidity and/or localized fat.

Ultrasound HIFU 7D Body
Ultrasound HIFU 7D Body

What is achieved with the HIFU 7D treatment?

  • Skin firming.
  • Fabric stretch.
  • Reduction of localized fat. 
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The HIFU 7D treatment can act on 3 levels:

  1. The selective focus of the ultrasonic energy used by this system achieves the optimal temperature and depth of the skin, thus stimulating the own production of collagen. The skin is stretched, smoothed and rejuvenated.
  2. With this focused energy, a retraction and reaffirmation of the deeper layers of the skin is achieved without altering them. The necessary amount of energy released at the correct depth and temperature manages to contract and lift the supporting tissues of the superficial aponeurotic muscular system, commonly referred to as SMAS.
  3. At the level of localized fat, high-intensity focused ultrasound acts on it, producing a thermo-mechanical effect that destroys the subcutaneous fatty tissue. The body will then eliminate this fat naturally.

What does it feel like during the treatment?

HIFU 7D treatment is safe and effective. It is a painless and non-invasive treatment, so it does not leave marks on the skin. The sensation perceived during the treatment is a moderate heat accompanied by impacts of a certain intensity in the areas closest to the bone. This feeling may last a day or two. Before and after the treatment it is recommended to drink a lot of water.

How many sessions are necessary to obtain the desired result? The number of sessions will depend on the degree of flaccidity and deterioration of the skin, the normal are 3-4 sessions carried out at intervals of one and a half months or two months. The effect of the treatment is maintained for approximately 1 year. A maintenance session can be performed every 6/8 months. The duration of the session will depend on the area to be treated.

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